Institute of Steel Construction

The Institute of Steel Construction is one of the few institutes at RWTH Aachen that was set up by the founding chairs of RWTH.  At the time of its opening on the 10th of October 1870, RWTH Aachen University was still known as the ‘Königlich Rheinisch-Westfälische Polytechnische Hochschule zu Aachen’.

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Chair for Steel and Lightweight Metal Construction

In addition to conventional steel construction fields, such as statics and mechanics, the Chair for Steel and Lightweight Metal Construction also investigates composite construction, structural dynamics, wind engineering, structural timber, glass construction and adhesive technology. Photo: SSF-Ingenieure GmbH/Florian Schreiber Fotografie, München

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Sustainable Metal Building Envelopes

The professorship ‘Sustainable Metal Building Envelopes’, supported and funded by the Internationalen Verband für den Metallleichtbau (IFBS) was established at RWTH on the 1st of July 2015. It is chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Kuhnhenne. The professorship incorporates research and teaching, covering aspects of static design, building physics and, in particular, the sustainability of building envelopes made of lightweight metal structural elements. In addition, there are many interdisciplinary research topics based on classical steel construction and other related topics.

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Timber Engineering

The field of Timber Engineering at the Institute of Steel Construction originated from the takeover of the teaching area Timber Structures 2010. Since then, the department has grown beyond teaching and is increasingly concerned with current research topics in timber engineering. Among other things, it deals with aspects of structural design, static and dynamic dimensioning and innovative hybrid solutions.

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