The series of lectures “Baustatik – Massivbau – Stahlbau – BMS Kolloquium” (or alternatively “Static Construction – Structural Concrete – Steel Construction – BMS Colloquium”) was founded in the 1980s by Professors H. Trost, G. Sedlacek and J. Kammenhuber. Since then, 6-8 lectures have taken place every summer semester, covering various engineering topics. These are aimed at both students and practicing engineers.

The scope of the lectures covers the design and construction of interesting civil and building engineering structures, bridges, and building restoration projects. In order to appeal to a larger audience, this event has been held in association with the Bund Deustcher Baumeister – Aachen Regional Group since the 2012 Summer Semester.

BMS-Colloquium 2016

BMS-Colloquium 2015

BMS-Colloquium 2014

BMS-Colloquium 2013

BMS-Colloquium 2012

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