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Vibration of Floors - Generalisation of Criteria for Floor Vibrations for industrial

Short description

The aim of the project was to develop guidelines for the specification and the design of floors to the vibration behaviour. In the project several design methods have been developed and investigated.
For the specification of floor vibration e.g. in a tender only the assessment guideline is needed that links occupancies to vibration classes.
The designer has now the choice between several design methods to fulfil the specification. Some of the design methods have a limited field of application and different complexity.
Due to different rules and practices in the European countries one of the main challenges in the project has been the definition of unified acceptance criteria for floor vibration in conjunction with local design practice.
By the proposal of the 5 design methods it is now possible to perform simple vibration checks in early design stages as well as more advanced for various kinds of building occupancies as well as highly advanced simulations for special cases. Also a unified technique for measurements and their assessment could be developed.
An other important outcome of this project are load functions for human induced vibrations.
The results of the project were obtained by various measurements on various floors in different construction stages performed in the project and numerical investigations that allowed to study single effects.

Research program

Research Programme of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)


ArcelorMittal (ARBED - Recherche) (Lu)

TNO Bouw (NL)

SCI - The Steel Construction Institute (Uk)

Duration of project

07/2001 - 06/2004

Contact person

Christoph Heinemeyer