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Risk Mitigation for Earthquakes and Landslides

Short description

Earthquake and landslide risk is a public safety issue that requires appropriate mitigation measures and means to protect citizens, property, infrastructure and the built cultural heritage. Mitigating this risk requires integrated and coordinated action that embraces a wide range of organisations and disciplines. For this reason, the LESSLOSS IP is formulated by a large number of European Centres of excellence in earthquake and geotechnical engineering integrating in the traditional fields of engineers and earth scientists some expertise of social scientists, economists, urban planners, information technologists. The LESSLOSS project addresses natural disasters, risk and impact assessment, natural hazard monitoring, mapping and management strategies, improved disaster preparedness and mitigation, development of advanced methods for risk assessment, methods of appraising environmental quality and relevant pre-normative research.

RWTH Aachen is involved in the sub-tasks listed below:

  • Seismic behaviour, resistance and strengthening of industrial structures
  • Seismic behaviour and resistance of bridges − evaluation of a “European steel bridge“
  • Code improvements − Layout of European Assessment Code

Research program

Sixth - Framework Programme

Duration of project

09/2004 - 08/2007

Contact person

Benno Hoffmeister