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Integrated Pre-fabricated Steel Technologies for the Multi-Storey Sector

Short description

The INPREST project focuses mainly on two aspects of modern construction systems: The flexibility for the user (internal layout, servicing, internal and external appearance) and the flexibility concerning the suppliers and inter-change of components. Construction systems, that fulfil these objectives, are considered as “Open Building Systems (OBS)“. An approach for a suitable definition of OBS was formulated and examples of Open Building Systems in all materials were reviewed. A systemized approach for OBS was presented, based on existing products and systems. A general categorisation based on 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional elements was introduced and the main elements and existing systems were placed in this scheme. The prefabrication and modularity of components enables and requires extensive use of information technology. Existing software models were investigated and data structure, that is suitable for OBS was identified. A new stimulus for developments in the construction sector is sustainability. The main sustainability indicators are identified. For steel buildings using the open building concept, good sustainability performance can be expected. A “Design Guide for Pre-fabricated Open Building Systems in Steel“ is developed, the main principles, technical solutions and examples of Open Building systems are shown.

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Duration of project

07/2004 - 12/2007

Contact person

Markus Kuhnhenne