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Economic and Durable Design of Composite Bridges with Integral Abutments

Short description

Regarding the design and construction of bridges, in addition to safety and serviceability issues, questions of sustainability, maintenance and durability become more and more important. Because of this, several countries have started to develop bridges with integral abutments. The main reason for this is that they tend to be less expensive to build, easier to maintain and more economical to own over their life time. This is principally due to the non-existence of bearings and joints that are main sources of maintenance costs during life time. Thus in some countries the solution with integral abutments is an alternative to the conventional ones.
However, in most European countries less experience with integral bridges has been gained so far. As the costs of maintenance are an ever-growing problem for road administrations, in 2005 the European RFCS-project INTAB has been launched.

Research program

RFCS - Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Duration of project

07/2005 - 06/2008


Markus Feldmann