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Structural Safety Of Industrial Steel Tanks, Pressure Vessels And Piping Systems Under Seismic Loading

Short description

The INDUSE proposal is motivated by the need of safeguarding the integrity of industrial equipment steel structures (liquid storage tanks, pressure vessels and piping systems), under earthquake loading. Combining experimental work, finite element simulations and analytical studies, INDUSE aims at developing guidelines for the seismic design of industrial equipment, compatible with the Eurocode 8 framework. The proposed guidelines amend the existing EN 1998-4 seismic rules for steel tanks to include some important design topics, and extend those rules for industrial steel pressure vessels and piping. INDUSE provides innovative methodologies for the seismic design of industrial equipment, towards safer construction and operation of industrial facilities.

Research program

RFCS - Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Duration of project

07/2009 - 12/2012

Contact person

Benno Hoffmeister