INNOvative HYbrid and COmposite steel-concrete structural solutions for building in seismic area

Short description

Composite structures are widely used in building construction in seismic areas whereas hybrid solutions are less diffused and require further investigation. The two main hybrid systems considered in this project, namely hybrid coupled shear walls and steel frames with reinforced concrete infill walls, suffer from drawbacks due to the damage localization and the connections´complexity.
The project aims to define innovative steel-r.c. hybrid systems for the construction of feasible and easy repairable earthquake-proof buildings characterised by effective dissipative mechianisms and excellent serviceability performance.
The new systems will be applied in case studies and a complete design procedure will be proposed.

Research program

RFCS - Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Duration of project

07/2010 - 06/2013

Contact person

Hetty Bigelow