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Demonstration of ECOnomical BRIDGE solutions based on innovative composite dowels and integrated abutments

Short description

Based on the gained knowledge of the completed RFCS projects INTAB and PRECOBEAM the objective of ECOBRIDGE is the construction of three composite bridges with integral abutments. The composite is reached by usual studs as well as with an innovative form of shear transmission dowels. These bridges are to be build in Germany, Romania and Poland.
Instrumented with a variety of strain gauges, displacement sensors and thermocouples the bridges will be monitored over a duration of two years. The gained results shall verify the assessment of structural behaviour in regard of the studies performed in the previous projects and demonstrate the feasibility for future applications of composite bridges constructed with innovative dowels and integral abutment bridges.

Research program

Duration of project

07/2010 - 12/2013

Contact person

Markus Feldmann