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Advanced structural solutions for automated STEELrack supported WARehouses

Short description

Automated Rack Supported Warehouses (ARSW) represent the future of storage technology, providing substantial savings in terms of cost, space and energy with respect to traditional warehouses. Currently, designers refer to building codes, without any control of their correct applicability to the specific typologies of these peculiar steel structures. This creates important safety and efficiency problems because ARSWs’ structural characteristics are considerably different from those of normal steel structures for buildings. Basing on an accurate evaluation of safety level of the design concepts actually adopted in current practice (in the total absence of specific design codes), the main objective of the project is the definition of dedicated innovative design approaches for ARSWs under not seismic and seismic conditions. In particular, attention will be focused on loading conditions that characterize the ARSWs during its installation and service life and on ductile design under seismic loading. Based on such analysis specific design rules and recommendations will be carried out for erection and design of ARSWs.

Research program

RFCS – Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Duration of project

07 / 2017 - 07 / 2021

Contact Person

Marius Pinkawa