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Stronger Steels in the Built Environment

Short description

This project seeks to overcome specific obstacles to the wider use of High Strength Steels (HSS) sections (S460 to S700), both homogeneous and hybrid, in building structures through the development of:
• Less conservative ductility and toughness requirements,
• Plastic design rules for HSS continuous beams and frames,
• Design rules to ensure stability of HSS members,
• An analysis tool for determining/optimising the dynamic response of HSS floor systems,
• Comparative designs (HSS versus S355) quantifying weight, carbon and cost savings resulting from the application of the research.
Proposed amendments to Eurocode 3 will be prepared and a seminar will be held with practitioners.

Research program

RFCS - Research Fund for Coal and Steel


Duration of project

07 / 2017 - 12 / 2020

Contact Person

Helen Bartsch