Chair for Steel and Lightweight Metal Construction


In addition to conventional steel construction fields, such as statics and mechanics, the Institute of Steel and Lightweight Construction also investigates composite construction, structural dynamics, wind engineering, structural timber, glass construction and adhesive technology.

The Institute is responsible for bridge and building design, fundamental and application-orientated research, the developing of national and international standards, product development, assessments for Zustimmungen im Einzelfall, building inspections, and offering technical advice on design and construction.

Research projects are primarily undertaken within the scientific network at RWTH, in collaboration with national and international partners. Additionally, the Institute of Steel and Lightweight Construction cooperates with industry representatives in research and development work, with the aim of developing new products or processes for practical applications.

The clients of the Institute include national public donors (DFG, AIR, BMV, BMVBS), the European Commission and various industry representatives.