Timber Structures

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The field of Timber Structures at the Institute of Steel Construction originated from the takeover of the teaching area Timber Structures in 2010. Under the leadership of Prof. Hoffmeister, the department grew beyond teaching and is increasingly focusing on current research topics in timber engineering. Among other things, it deals with aspects of structural design, static and dynamic dimensioning and innovative hybrid solutions.

Future-oriented and sustainable construction means optimizing the ecological, economic and social qualities of structures. The future viability of timber engineering is great. The advantages lie in its ultra-modern industrial production, the low inherent weight of the building material, the advantageous room-climatic properties as well as its sustainability and recyclability. From these aspects, an optimal use of timber as a building material is derived for the buildings of the future, which will be characterized by a high degree of prefabrication, digital planning and the use of sustainable building materials.

Research topics

The development of improved wood materials and manufacturing processes in recent decades has given timber as a building material increasing relevance in engineering terms. Today, timber can be used to bridge large spans in commercial and industrial construction and to build entire high-rise buildings. The Department of Timber Engineering is committed to solve open research questions of timber engineering as well as to develop new improved structural products and components. Some examples of research activities carried out by the department are given below:

  • Multi-storey timber framed structures
  • Stability
  • Timber system and modular construction
  • Timber hybrid and composite structures
  • Dynamics of timber structures

In addition to experimental tests, numerical investigations are carried out on the mechanical properties of products and structures in timber engineering. An overview of ongoing and completed research projects in the field of timber engineering can be found here.