Commentary and worked examples to EN 1993-1-10 'Material toughness and through thickness properties' and other toughness oriented rules in EN 1993 : background documents in support the implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes ; joint report prepared under te JRC - EECS cooperation agreement for the evolution of Eurocode 3 (programme of CEN/TC 250)

Luxemburg / Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (2008) [Book, Report]

Report number: EUR 23510 EN


Selected Authors

Sedlacek, Gerhard
Feldmann, Markus
Kühn, Bertram
Tschickardt, Dirk
Höhler, Susanne

Other Authors

Müller, C.
Hensen, Wolfgang
Stranghöner, Natalie
Dahl, Winfried
Langenberg, Peter
Münstermann, Sebastian
Brozetti, J.
Raoul, J.
Pope, R.
Bijlaard, F.