Thomas Kühnapfel „Big Animal“ (Foto: Christoph Buckstegen)

Academic Celebration 2018

January 19th 2018

On Friday, January 19th 2018, the Academic Celebration as a joint event of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the professorship ‘Sustainable Metal Building Envelopes’ will take place.
At the graduation ceremony Prof. Kuhnhenne will give his introducory lecture on the topic "Innovative and Lightweight Metal Construction".
You can download the event flyer here.

  RWTH Aachen University

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Prize 2017

November 24th 2017

For more than 30 years, the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Foundation Board of Trustees has annually awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize to students, doctoral students and post-doctoral students at RWTH Aachen University for their outstanding scientific achievements. This year's Friedrich Wilhelm Prize has been awarded to Helen Bartsch, Research Associate at the Institute of Steel Construction, for her master's thesis on "Verification of damage mechanics approach to predict ductile failure of dissipative elements under seismic loading conditions (ULCF)". The award of the 24 prize winners took place on November 24th in the auditorium of RWTH Aachen University.


Young European Talent 2017

8. bis 10. November 2017

Between 8 and 10 November, 50 top talents from 5 European countries visited Limburg for the first edition of the project Young European Talent (YET). These young people aged 18-35 were each hand-selected by the relevant embassies and ministries based on their specific talents. Our Chief Engineer Mr. Simon Schaffrath was also included in this selection.
Together with the honorary consuls from Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and France, Connect Limburg developed an extensive programme with top speakers from the five sectors spread over three days. The goal of the project is twofold. First, it aims to structurally facilitate a high-quality international network and networking event for young and future decision-makers in Europe. Second, with initiatives such as YET, it wishes to put Limburg on the map as an internationally oriented region that looks beyond borders to provide a network and an inspirational setting to international top talents.


Implenia Award 2017

November 15th/16th 2017

For the second time, the Implenia Award was presented on November 15th and16th 2017 for outstanding bachelor's theses in the categories of construction business, geotechnical engineering, building construction and structural engineering as well as in a special category.
Our student assistant Marvin Lüdecke won the Implenia Award 2017 in the "Special-Category" with his bachelor thesis "Accurate direction-dependent measurement of aerodynamic coefficient of spatial lattice structures" in Stuttgart in November. He was also awarded, together with Leon Immenga (RWTH), for the best presentation of all attendee.